Our Purpose

Every child is unique!

Early Childhood Development Initiative is a not-for-profit Organization aimed
at promoting optimal child development for all children with special focus from birth to 6 years.

Our MissionOur Vision

To see all children in the early years 0-6 attain their full physical, cognitive, and emotional development potential regardless of social class or economic status.

Our Mission

To bring our technical expertise, experience and international networks to promote optimal early childhood development in West African children.

We see ourselves as:

  • Advocates for optimal early childhood development in West African children
  • Advocates for play-based learning in public pre-primary education
  • Partners with governments and stakeholders to develop national policies and best practices
  • A center for studies in early childhood education and pedagogical documentation
  • A knowledge resource for parents, teachers and communities

Our Philosophy

We believe the following fundamentals:

  • Every child is unique with rights to stimulating and supportive environments for optimal development
  • Children learn best through play
  • Government stance determines overall educational direction and progress
  • Parental and teacher capacity play a vital role in promoting early learning
  • The foundations for critical thinking, skill development and problem-solving are laid during children's early years