Our Organization

Every child is unique!

Early Childhood Development Initiative is a not-for-profit Organization aimed
at promoting optimal child development for all children with special focus from birth to 6 years.

Our Organization

ECDI CompanyEarly Childhood Development Initiative is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting optimal early childhood development in West Africa. In Nigeria, we partner with UNICEF, government agencies and international development partners to develop programs in advocacy, curriculum development and teacher training. Our partnership with Ryerson University, Toronto, is focused on much needed cross-cultural early childhood research.  With Cegep de St-Felicien, a Canadian College, we offer post-secondary ECE diploma programs to prepare students for a successful career as early childhood teachers.

Focus Areas:

  • Early childhood development advocacy
  • Culturally appropriate public pre-primary play-based learning
  • Curriculum development and teacher training
  • Community and parent education
  • Consultancy and research


Research has yielded much evidence showing that the early years of a child’s life are critical periods which sets the stage for his/her all round successful development. Early positive experiences and stimulating environments provided for children in this time and especially in the first 6 years, serve to build neurological pathways and establish children’s abilities to learn successfully or not.

Our Company programIn response to compelling research results, much focus and funding has been and must continue to be directed toward strategies, which enhance childhood brain development, increase literacy and learning capacity and place children in the forefront of a competitive world future.

All children, all over the world should have access to positive environments, education systems and strategies, which have successful holistic child development as its focus. The time is critical for the Nigerian Government, communities and schools to foster positive literacy and learning capacities among our children, bringing them to par with young citizens all around the world.

Having been a vastly experienced and successful part of researching, developing and facilitating successful teacher development, community development, parenting capacity development, child literacy and learning strategies in various parts of Canada, our consultants wish to bring our knowledge to benefit children in Nigeria.