We support optimal ECD outcomes for African children in Canada by providing culturally relevant services — to strengthen family capacity, culture, home language retention, foster community networks, engage in research, advocacy, and direct service delivery to families with children aged 0-12.


We provide ECD, special needs education, and resources to support family, community, teacher, and government capacity. We collaborate with stakeholders to create enriched environments that enable children to attain their best developmental potential. We also engage in research and advocacy and facilitate international networking and cross-cultural linkages to expand knowledge and resources.

Classroom Connect

Our Classroom Connect program provides unique opportunities to enhance respectful multiculturalism and positive global identity in the education sector. We build collaborative connections linking classrooms across Africa to counterpart classrooms in North America. Teachers collaborate on lesson plans and explore the uniqueness of child learning across contexts and children engage and build respectful relationships with their peers across cultures.

Classroom Connect is coming soon!