Public Sector

Public Sector


We partner with government, international development agencies and communities to provide Capacity Development for Teachers and ECD Stakeholders, Curriculum Development, Community Child Development Initiatives and Advocacy. Consultancy

Literacy Advancement Programming

We implement proven literacy advancement strategies in federal schools, state schools and local communities; also providing training to enable teachers’ sustain continued literacy development implementation and advancement.

Parent and Community Education

Professional developmentKnowledgeable parents and adults are critical to the development and education of children. We provide training to support parent and community capacity to help children attain their best potential.


We aim to contribute knowledge from the global south to ECCE discourse by undertaking West African early childhood related research in collaboration with Ryerson University, Toronto. We are currently conducting a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded 3-year study measuring the impact of play-based learning on children's education outcomes from pre-primary to primary 2 in Nigeria. Study partners include UBEC, NCCE, UNICEF, SUBEBs, the University of Ibadan and the National Teacher Training Institute, Ghana.

Curriculum Development

In collaboration with UNICEF, we developed the first play-based learning curriculum titled Reggio Emilia and Other Child Centered Approaches, utilized nationally for the training of pre-primary teachers in Nigeria. The collaboration also developed the curriculum for pre-primary monitoring and mentoring.  We continue to work with federal and state departments to develop curriculum for implementation and management of early childhood care and education.

Professional Development for Teachers in the public sector

Learning through playWe have contributed to the training of over 9,000 pre-primary teachers in the implementation of play-based learning in Nigeria pre-primary schools, resulting in enhanced learning environments for over 190,000 children. We offer professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators and policy maker.

Special Needs

We believe children with special needs have a right to access mainstream learning environments where possible and in their best interest. To this end we advocate for inclusive learning environments and integrate special needs education in all teacher training opportunities. We also offer teacher training, curriculum development, mentorship and donation of resources to public schools for children with special needs. Research