STEM Programs

  • Family Math Workshops: Family Math Workshops will be delivered to parents and children together. One Saturday per month, a parent-focused session will support parents with the tools to prompt everyday discussions about math with children. Afterward, parents will be invited to apply their new skills in a collaborative engineering challenge with their children.
  • STEM Camps: March Break, Summer, camps will deliver full day STEM activities, including science experiments, use/design of technology, construction, and math. Camp routines are structured around a plan-do-reflect cycle with adult support to enhance children’s critical thinking skills.
  • Field Trips: Across our 2 year program, we will arrange local field trips (such as guided tours of science, health, or tech labs in the city) to expose children to STEM and potential future paths.
  • After-School: During the school year, children will receive take-home activity kits consisting of materials and instruction sheets. Each week, they will join one scheduled 2-hour Zoom session with a facilitator who will guide engagement using their activity kit. Each week will feature a different activity kit.



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