Our Commitment 

At Early Childhood Development Initiative (ECDI), we are dedicated in fostering optimal child development and educational programming for African children aged 0-12 in Toronto, Canada. By promoting cultural identities as our primary foundation, we deliver culturally relevant services and programming to support knowledge and language retention, healthy integration and settlement, and positive outcomes for children navigating the Canadian curriculum.

Our programs maintain and strengthen diverse ethnic identities across the continent and the African identity as a whole. With our culturally enriched extracurricular after school programs and workshops, we've implemented a wide range of educational activities, like STEM, to encourage building skills, learning and healthy development. We strive to support family capacities, facilitate access to valuable community resources, and assist in navigating childcare and education services. We also provide the necessary tools for African parents to advocate for their children's wellbeing and educational rights.

As leaders in our field of childcare and education, we engage with our meaningful partnerships in collaborative research projects and studies. This includes community partners and post-secondary institutions.

We want to provide the best possible services for African-Canadian families. By participating in research, we aim to:

  • Identify gaps in childcare, healthcare, and education services
  • Deliver evidence-based solutions
  • Reflect findings into our continued support systems

If you would like to take part in our current Research, please CLICK HERE

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