Student and Family Advocate ( SFA) Program

Towards the Academic Success of African Children

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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What is the SFA Program

Student and Family Advocates (SFA) are dedicated community programs designed to provide unwavering support to Black families and students as they navigate the complexities of the educational system.

Our commitment is steadfast, and we stand ready to assist you, no matter the type of assistance you require, in your interactions with your child's school.

Eligibility Criteria

  • African
  • Resident in Canada <5 years
  • Living Ontario
  • Have children aged 6 -12 years old


  • Anti-Black Racism Advocacy
  • Stronger Educational Outcomes for Children
  • Support Navigating the Educational System
When should you contact a Student and Family Advocate?
  • Have you questions about your child's schooling?
  • Are you concerned about the treatment of your child at school?
  • Are you concerned about your child's treatment at school?
  • Are you having questions about your child's special education program or Individual Education Plan (IEP)?
  • Is your child being bullied or experiencing racism from other students?
  • Whatever support you need, we've got you covered.
Parent Testimonial

‘’I was having issues with transferring my son to another school district, especially regarding the program that was being offered. My SFA wrote a very compelling letter that left no doubt in the school board’s mind that I knew my rights. She called to talk to the officers as well. Within24 hours, what the schoolboard said was impossible was sorted.’’ Oluchi

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